Galleries You Need to Visit in Jackson, Wyoming

The Brookover Gallery

Photography lovers can’t miss The Brookover Gallery, which features some of the West’s finest landscape and nature photography pieces by the renowned artist David Brookover.

This two-floor gallery showcases an expansive collection of photos printed on superb mediums like bromoil, silver gelatin, and platinum palladium.

Visiting the Brookover Gallery is truly an authentic experience, as David – the owner and main author – is often at the gallery and will gladly chat with the visitors. He loves telling the stories behind each piece and explaining the emotions he wanted to convey with them.

Ringholz Studios

If you want to purchase a souvenir that genuinely represents the wildlife of Wyoming but would like something modern and original, you have to stop by the Ringholz Studios.

The gallery is owned by Amy Ringholz, who showcases her contemporary oil and ink paintings inspired by the area. Some of the available merch includes phone cases, wine glasses, journals, and framed posters featuring Amy’s art.

West Lives On Gallery

Yes, the spirit of the Old West definitely lives on in this charming gallery located near the main town square in 83001 Jackson WY. The gallery features two artwork selections, classic western and contemporary, the latter being particularly popular with tourists.

While other art galleries may seem expensive, The West Lives On Gallery will not break your budget and you could buy a piece that will definitely be more than just a standard souvenir. The staff will make sure your visit is enjoyable, even if you’re just browsing through without the intention to make a purchase.

Images of Nature Gallery by Thomas Mangelsen

Images of Nature Gallery received TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice award in 2021. The venue features local nature photographs by one of the world’s leading photographers, Thomas Mangelsen.

Here, visitors get to experience the wildlife wonders of Jackson through the lens of a professional and visionary.

Rare Jackson Hole Gallery

This gallery is where art collectors, celebrities, and art enthusiasts all come together to find inspiration. The 7000-square-foot space features works from post-modern contemporary artists such as Warhol and Lichtenstein to iconic American photographers like Ansel Adams.

What really sets the gallery apart is the focus on emerging artists. So if you’re interested in seeing artwork from artists who are making waves in the current art market, this is the place for you.

These are just five galleries that we picked out for you, but there are many more you can visit when doing an art tour of Jackson, Wyoming. Many artists call Jackson their home, and their work showcases their vision of the area, often with a unique contemporary twist.

Enjoy your gallery-hopping!

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