People are a product of their environment.

As pioneers in the wellness architecture movement, it’s our expertise to design experiences that enrich our clients’ lives in harmony with nature. Our evidence-based approach is proven to positively impact daily habits, rituals, behaviors, mindsets, moods, as well as overall comfort and wellbeing.

People who spend time in buildings designed for wellness increase their cognitive abilities by over 60%. Our spaces make you smarter.  Source

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"ChopraVerse is creating homes for multidimensional living, nourishing the body, mind, spirit and environment as a unified experience in awareness. It will give everyone an opportunity to generate their own abode for the return to wholeness and healing."

- Deepak Chopra

On launching the ChopraVerse, his new digital universe featuring the Vera Iconica designed Chopra House of Enlightenment at the center.

About Vera Iconica

Founded in 2010 in Jackson by Wyoming native and Wellness Architecture pioneer, Veronica Schreibeis Smith, Vera Iconica specializes in Architecture, Interior Design, and Real Estate Development and is known globally for our Wellness Kitchen. Based in the Mountain West with offices in Jackson WY and Denver CO, our highly flexible, international team of experts merges cultural, spiritual, and qualitative elements with hard science to create highly customized solutions that elevate healthy, conscious living.

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Why Our Firm?

People who spend more time in nature tend to live longer, happier lives. As a result, we’ve strived endlessly to harmonize the gap between nature and building design through the media of lifestyle and architectural design, thoughtful development, and industry outreach and education. Located in Jackson Hole Wyoming, the beauty and inspiration of our surroundings in our early days prompted us to seek and understand balance, that is, balance of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, balance of humanity and the environment. To this end, we turn to beauty and ritual, creating a shared landscape that goes beyond aesthetics to deliver meaningful, holistic experiences that enrich the wellbeing of all users.

Meet Our Experts

Our national team of architects, interior designers, and wellness specialists is trained in developing a client-centric design approach, rooted in intuition. By fully understanding the rhythms and rituals of our clients’ daily lives, we curate custom buildings and solutions that cater to specific wellness needs. Healthy materials, air quality, and sustainability are just the beginning. We invite you to learn more about the people who make our firm unique.

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Healthy Lifestyle Design Expertise

While custom homes and custom residential design have built our firm over the years, today our custom architectural design approach is rivaled by our commercial design aptitude, interior design services, and overall industry leadership in wellness outreach and lifestyle design. Specializing in residential services has fostered our architectural services by attuning us to the incredible natural environment surrounding Jackson Wyoming and building an extraordinary client base supportive of our values as a Wellness Architecture firm. As our commercial design practice, interior design services, and development offerings have grown, we have found our custom residential approach further enhanced by these expanded perspectives.

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Live. Work. Play. Rest.Our services are applied to every aspect of life to create a dream home or space.

From specialized retreat experiences to effective workplace design to nourishing life experience at home — Vera Iconica Architecture designs with health and holistic wellness in mind.

Our Work

Ranked as one of the Top Architects Jackson Hole Wyoming Has to Offer

Vera Iconica is proud to once again be recognized as one of the top architects Jackson Hole Wyoming calls their own. Our firm is in great company to share this status with many successful and inspirational architecture firms providing custom architectural services in Jackson Hole and the Mountain West.

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Architectural Services Locally and Globally

We are no longer solely Jackson Hole architects; our services in Jackson Wyoming are now accompanied by services available in the entirety of the Mountain West and beyond. No matter the location, we elevate our clients’ project visions and redefine wellness living. Vera Iconica’s clientele and projects are growing in number and location, so much so that we recently opened a new office in the heart of downtown Denver, Colorado. The scope and locations of our custom residential projects, commercial design, and developments range from Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah and Colorado, all the way to the Southeast, Southwest, West Coast, Northeast, and Mexico.

Recent Work

Having roots in the Mountain West has solidified our unique bond with the natural world and influenced our diverse and talented team to blur boundaries between natural and indoor environments. Coupling our intuitive design process with tried and true architectural design techniques, such as natural and regional material sourcing, passive and active systems, and spatial synergism, with vernacular architectural influence, we deliver beautiful, holistic custom homes, wellness centers, resorts, restaurants, and workplaces with soul, of various sizes, schedules, and budgets. We’d love for you to take a look at what we’ve been up to, here.

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