People are a product of their environment.

As mavericks in wellness architecture, it’s our expertise to design experiences that enrich our clients’ lives in harmony with nature. Our evidence-based approach is proven to positively impact daily habits, rituals, behaviors, mindsets, moods, as well as overall comfort and wellbeing.

People who spend time in buildings designed for wellness increase their cognitive abilities by over 60%. Our spaces make you smarter.  Source

Vera Iconica means ‘true likeness’.

This philosophy guides our Intuitive Design Process, through which we harmonize the places we design with the people that occupy them. A truly bespoke and complementary experience for our clients is the outcome.

We listen

With our clients’ wishes top of mind, we leverage our proven expertise to create their desired lifestyles, experiences, and outcomes. 

We envision

We explore effective design strategies with a balance of advanced virtual technology and classical architectural drawings that allow our clients to experience their project early in the design phase.

We deliver

With the project vision and practicality in mind, we leverage our construction knowledge and architectural sensibilities to create the beautiful, healthy spaces that exceed our clients’ expectations.

We focus on every dimension of wellbeing:


We spend 90% of our time indoors. It should be good. And good for you. Source

Live. Work. Play. Rest.Our services span every aspect of life.

From functional workplace design to creating life balance at home to specialized retreat experiences – we design with health and holistic wellness in mind.

We know healthier spaces create better, healthier life experiences. That’s why the building materials we specify and space layouts we design are chosen to support human and planetary health. Whether it’s by using natural materials to remove toxins from the air, implementing environmental psychology to shift behavior patterns, or integrating biophilic design to promote healthy hormone production, your new construction will support your wellbeing holistically.

Studies show that better lighting and optimal thermal conditions can improve sleep scores by 25%. Better sleep, better you.  Source

Inspired by nature. Enriched by culture. Backed by science.

Meet our team of experts, here to help you create optimal experiences that enhance wellbeing for every aspect of living: home, work, retreat and more.

We are connected with thought leaders and researchers worldwide who aim to understand the effects of the built environment on human health and wellbeing. Our connections include: the Global Wellness Institute, the Institute for Wellness Architecture + Design, the Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, the Design Futures Council and more.

We have established collaborations with global experts to expand our unique offerings, from natural and age-old building techniques to sacred geometry and biophilic design. Our comprehensive services range from site selection to planning to full-scale architecture design and engineering all the way through testing and commissioning after occupancy.

With the help of these worldwide partners, we are pioneering a return to visceral connections to your environment with purity and beauty rooted in culture and landscape.

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