People are a product of their environment.

As pioneers in the wellness architecture movement, it’s our expertise to design experiences that enrich our clients’ lives in harmony with nature. Our evidence-based approach is proven to positively impact daily habits, rituals, behaviors, mindsets, moods, as well as overall comfort and wellbeing.

People who spend time in buildings designed for wellness increase their cognitive abilities by over 60%. Our spaces make you smarter.  Source

“One of the most important, fastest-growing trends in the building industry is wellness architecture… Wellness architecture is about the health of its occupants [and the planet]. It is influencing residential and commercial building design, building products, real estate development and real estate sales.”


Three Hot Wellness Architecture Trends For 2019
Featuring our Founder & CEO, Veronica Schreibeis Smith

Live. Work. Play. Rest.
Our services are applied to every aspect of life.

From specialized retreat experiences to effective workplace design to nourishing life experience at home — we design with health and holistic wellness in mind.

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