Inspired by nature.Enriched by culture.Backed by science.

Established in 2010, Vera Iconica Architecture is a global firm based in Jackson, Wyoming, that specializes in the art and science of wellness architecture. Our approach seeks balance. Of physical and emotional health. Of humanity and the environment. Of beauty and ritual. Creating a shared landscape that goes beyond aesthetics to deliver meaningful, holistic experiences that enrich the wellbeing of our clients.

Vera Iconica means ‘true likeness.’

This philosophy guides our Intuitive Design Process, through which we harmonize the places we design with the people that occupy them.

People who spend more time in nature tend to live longer, happier lives. Source

Sitting next to a lake, reflecting.

Our Experts

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We are connected with thought leaders and researchers worldwide who aim to understand the effects of the built environment on human health and wellbeing. Our connections include: the Global Wellness Institute, the Institute for Wellness Architecture + Design, the Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, the Design Futures Council, the Lake Nona Institute and more.

We have established collaborations with global experts to expand our unique offerings, from natural and age-old building techniques to sacred geometry and biophilic design. By integrating the most advanced technology with architecture, we deliver environments for our clients that that promote wellbeing and quality of life.

Alongside our esteemed partners, we bring balance to your environment through experiences centered in beauty, ritual, culture and landscape.

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