Embodying a unique blend of architectural excellence and wellness consciousness, Vera Iconica is a leading name in Denver's architectural scene. Founded by Wellness Architecture pioneer Veronica Schreibeis Smith, Vera Iconica has revolutionized the landscape of architectural design by seamlessly intertwining nature, design, and wellness. Our Denver team, comprised of talented architects, interior designers, and wellness specialists, is committed to delivering customized, client-centric solutions that cater to unique wellness needs. With Vera Iconica, architecture is not just about buildings—it's about crafting spaces that enhance the quality of life. Experience the fusion of art, science, and wellness with Denver's own, Vera Iconica.

People who spend time in buildings designed for wellness increase their cognitive abilities by over 60%. Our spaces make you smarter.  Source

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Vera Iconica Architecture Firm

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About Vera Iconica

Established in 2010 in Jackson by Veronica Schreibeis Smith, a Wyoming native and a trailblazer in Wellness Architecture, Vera Iconica is renowned for its expertise in Architecture, Interior Design, and Real Estate Development, with a global reputation for our distinctive Wellness Kitchen. With our Mountain West headquarters in Jackson, WY and a branch office in Denver, CO, our internationally proficient, adaptable team skillfully integrates elements of culture, spirituality, and quality with solid scientific grounding to deliver uniquely tailored solutions that promote a healthier, more mindful lifestyle.

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Why Our Firm?

Individuals who spend more time in natural environments often lead more fulfilling, lengthier lives. Driven by this realization, we work to bridge the divide between nature and architectural design by utilizing lifestyle and architectural design as a platform for conscious development, as well as industry education and outreach. Originating from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the inspiration drawn from our surroundings compels us to find harmony between the built environment and the natural world as well as strengthen elements of physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual health in our buildings. We design for beauty and ritual, crafting an environment that transcends mere aesthetics to provide holistic experiences enhancing the wellbeing of all occupants.

Meet Our Experts

Our nationwide team of architects, interior designers, and wellness experts establish a design approach centered around our clients, drawing from intuition. Our first step is to understand the patterns and customs of our client’s day-to-day activities, which enables us to craft custom buildings and solutions tailored to meet distinct wellness requirements. Our considerations go beyond healthy materials, air quality, and sustainability. We delve deeper into understanding the our clients’ individual lifestyles to enhance their environment and, ultimately, wellness.

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Wellness Architecture for Improving Lifestyle

In the pursuit of better health and a balanced lifestyle, we often overlook the significant impact of our physical environment on our wellbeing. Wellness Architecture, a revolutionary approach in the realm of design and architecture, seeks to amend this oversight.

At the heart of Wellness Architecture is the philosophy of integrating nature, design, and wellness harmoniously. Within this approach, we design every aspect of a built environment—from the materials used to the overall layout—to promote a healthier, happier, and more conscious way of living.

Vera Iconica, with its national team of architects, interior designers, and wellness specialists, dedicates its expertise to understanding and implementing this innovative approach. We center our design processes around the rhythms and rituals of our clients’ daily lives. This comprehension allows us to curate custom buildings and solutions that cater to specific wellness needs. From using healthy, sustainable materials to optimizing air quality, every detail of our work is oriented toward enhancing wellbeing.

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One of the Top Architects Denver, Colorado Has to Offer

As a recognized leader in the field of design and architecture, Vera Iconica stands proudly among the top architects Denver, Colorado has to offer. Our expertise extends beyond conventional architecture into the realm of Wellness Architecture, a philosophy that harmoniously melds nature and design to foster healthier lifestyles. Each project undertaken by our dedicated team of architects, interior designers, and wellness specialists in Denver reflects our commitment to quality, sustainability, and wellness-oriented design. This client-centric approach, rooted in deep understanding and intuition, ensures each of our creations is not just a building, but a wellness-enhancing space that caters to the unique needs of its inhabitants. Embrace an elevated living experience with Vera Iconica, where architectural excellence meets wellness consciousness.

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Architectural Services Locally and Globally

We offer architectural services both locally and globally. Our services initially limited to Jackson Hole in Wyoming, have now expanded to cover the entire Mountain West region and beyond. Regardless of the specific location, our goal is to enhance our clients’ project visions and redefine the concept of wellness living. Due to the increasing number and diversity of our clients and projects, we established an office in downtown Denver, Colorado. Our expertise extends to various regions, including Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado, as well as the Southeast, Southwest, West Coast, Northeast, and even Mexico and Peru.

Recent Work

Our connection to the Mountain West region has strengthened our special relationship with the natural world and inspired our skilled and diverse team to integrate the boundaries between outdoor and indoor environments. By combining our intuitive design approach with established architectural techniques such as using local and natural materials, incorporating passive and active systems, and embracing vernacular architectural influences, we create stunning and holistic custom homes, spas, wellness centers, resorts, restaurants, and workplaces that possess a sense of soul. These projects vary in size, timeline, and budget, and we invite you to explore our recent work here.

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