The name Vera Iconica, a Latin term for “true likeness,” implies the belief that our environments should be direct representations of ourselves. Our residential architecture service holds true to this by maintaining a client-focused approach while physically manifesting lifestyles and values into beautiful, sustainable custom homes. In doing so, we harmonize living spaces not only with inhabitants but with the natural landscape as well. Having offices in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Denver, Colorado, we’ve been fortunate to have residential architecture experience throughout the Mountain West, a beautiful region that has enabled us to have a deep bond and understanding of the natural environment.

Building Positive Rituals

We are products of our environments, and, while this is commonly linked to social systems, our built environment plays a larger role than is commonly thought. It is true that we spend on average 90% of our lives indoors, so why not celebrate the places in which we live, eat, and sleep by taking inspiration from our natural world and infusing it with our day-to-day activities to promote deeper communion with the outside world. Our homes have the ability to facilitate this through spaces that are not only curated intuitively and purely but that is nourished by the use of natural materials and textures whose benefits are not limited to their sustainable qualities as they enrich our instinctual bond with nature, resulting in the promotion of positive rituals.

Bringing Life to Your Idea

Pre-Design & Program Development

Our team is here to support you as early as you’d like in your project planning journey. We often help our residential architecture clients with program development, that is confirming what spaces, sizes, and functions your ideal refuge would encompass. Site planning and zoning research are often necessary to understand your future home’s boundaries. We love sketching various concepts to narrow in on your most befitting plan and layout. In our unique approach to wellness architecture, we ask crucial questions and dream with you to envision how your home will support your health and wellness.

Schematic Design & Design Development

With a preferred concept plan in place, we launch into our favorite phase of the project – putting lines to (virtual) paper to represent your haven, your intentions, and your desired lifestyle. The creativity and sheer talent of our designers shine during the early design phase as we elaborate on your design concept. These phases are the perfect time to incorporate the healthy design elements that will enhance your way of life.

Construction Documents

Here is where we get technical. Our experts bring strong technical aptitude to expand upon each and every small detail of your home. We aim to think like builders, drawing thorough elevations, meticulous section details, and crafting precise material connections. We leverage advanced BIM technology to coordinate all components of your project. This careful process leads to the highest quality, which can be seen and felt in your new retreat.

Guidance during Construction

Bringing your vision into being is incredibly fulfilling as we start to see the tangible results of our hard work. We stay close to the process during construction, providing clarification and guidance to the construction team throughout the building process.

Finding Balance Through The Design Journey

Perhaps the most underlying theme of our residential architecture is balance. Being products of our environments means that each of our clients have specific needs, and at Vera Iconica , our staff is uniquely trained to develop enriched relationships and understanding of clients in order to reach those needs through the medium of design. Our homes are where we spend the majority of our lives, and we believe our residential architecture to be the framework for those lives, formed by our pasts yet shaping our futures through balance with our emotions, health, and natural landscape.