Richard Crowther's Madison Street House Denver
Post-modern water collection cistern

Today our team is drawing inspiration from community involvement in Denver. The late Denver architect Richard Crowther’s (1910-2006) home, built in 1979, is currently slated for demolition. Crowther, FAIA, known for being a leader in green building ecology practices during the postmodern era (and his hatred of smoking), used this space as his personal laboratory for testing sustainable and healthy building practices.

Richard Crowther's House - Denver
Wellness Architecture – No Smoking

Our favorite such experiment is the passive heating fuel cell storage system used to capture direct sunlight during the winter months and release its heat slowly throughout the day without the use of electricity or fuel. Remarkably after years of abandonment, the cells, likely some of the earliest of their kind manufactured, are still there!

Richard Crowther's house - Denver
Experimental fuel cell passive energy storage system

We also love the indoor greenhouse adjacent to the kitchen (pictured above,) and the funky postmodern grey water cistern. Let us know on our social post if you can spot any others, and message if you’d like to get involved saving this piece of Denver history so that others can continue to learn and draw inspiration from it.

– Willie, Designer

Passive solar fuel cell at Richard Crowther's house - Denver
Passive solar fuel cell at Richard Crowther’s house – Denver
Richard Crowther's house - Denver
Interior view showing half-circle window