How do we design something that is both ‘of the moment’ while avoiding choices that look like they were ‘of that moment?’ When looking to analyze and define trends, we like to look for things that answer this question.

What are designers doing that is responding in fresh new ways to our ever-changing needs, technologies, and circumstances? What do people want to design into their lives?

Here’s what we see as the top interior design trends for 2024:

The Wellness Connection

The connection between your environment and your health (emotional, physical, spiritual, etc.) is something we’ve been working to bring awareness to for decades, and it feels like we are hitting a tipping point.

From our perspective, this seems obvious. However, this connection is not one everyone has made, even those focused on environment and sustainability. Healthier finishes, furniture made from natural materials, and so on, are just a portion of what comprises wellness in the built environment, and our daily life.

People are becoming more and more aware that the spaces they spend time in matter. When designing your dream home, or your studio, or workplace, it needs to do more than look good. It needs to bring you joy, peace, calm, focus and energy. To design under these parameters is an unlimited creative exercise that requires a profound connection to your client, their needs, and their lives. We’re excited to say that it’s hit the map as a trend people are asking about or even expecting as we approach 2024.

The Importance of Home

the importance of home

During what feels like forever, there’s been an overarching ‘play it safe’ mentality for many people when it comes to designing their homes. It’s not that design has necessarily been dull, or bland, but it has felt like people have been holding back from personal expression in favor of design intended to be universal. Luckily, we believe there has been a shift in values that has raised the importance of the home.

Click here to watch Vera Iconica’s founder, Veronica Schreibeis Smith, give a presentation on ‘From Environmentalism to Wellism’ that discusses this shift in values.

We see fewer people limiting themselves to making choices based on a perceived ‘resale value’ and more people wanting to make their homes a reflection of themselves. Are they planning like they are going to stay there forever? Or just wanting to be in the moment and enjoy the immediacy of life, family, friends, work, play?

We’re not sure. But as a designer, this is exciting! Opening up to a broader palette of color, texture and material, allows for greater alignment and personality in design. And, leaders in design have proven that with color we can achieve timelessness and push design limits simultaneously.

We’re also seeing people placing much more value on investing in unique pieces and collecting work from designers and artists that they will continue to cherish.

This sculpted wood cabinet by Hamza Kadiri we saw at the Atelier Courbet Gallery at Design Miami is an example of a statement piece that is beautiful, functional and works as a standalone, or opens up to display another collection of cherished items.

Ateliers Courbet - Kadiri - Balthazar Armoire

Rooms with Purpose

It’s not that ‘open concept’ is out. Most people still want a big room for gathering and entertaining, but people have become aware of the limitations of the massive ‘great room’ that is trying to do everything. When you’re trying to have a Zoom call in the same space that someone else wants to watch a movie and where the kids are roughhousing, you know that the design isn’t optimized for anything. Whether you need a private office for remote work, a quiet getaway for meditation, or a lounge for intimate conversations, we’re seeing increased demand for houses designed around the practicality of more purpose-built rooms.

Emboldened or Warmed-up Minimalism

For 2024 we’re seeing minimalism grow up into a more comfortable version of itself. Not shabby or rumpled, but somehow letting loose a little bit.

Not everyone wants to go totally wild. People still want the calm of a clutter-free space. They want order and organization. But they are also wanting to feel a bit more cozy. They are moving away from the cool grays, the black and whites, the white-on-whites and asking us to find ways to warm it up, while still holding on to the zen.

Rademakers Gallery - Rive Roshan

This trend can be designed in many ways: Adding a little more texture to a clean, rectilinear form; a subtle plaster instead of crisp paint; linen drawer fronts instead of lacquer. Maybe it’s a move to warmer but still subdued colors, or hanging some eclectic art. We see soft edges and curves showing up in furniture.

Bold minimalism lamp

Maxxing out

On the flip side of minimalism, we see some people really wanting to let it fly. Whether it’s for their whole home, or for a special room, maximalism is hitting the trends for 2024. This trend is a playground for self-expression, showcasing bold, vibrant colors, eclectic patterns, and unique personal decor. It’s a trend that encourages us to tell our stories through our spaces.

Super House

Does this mean a look back to 80s-era designs with bright colors and geometric patterns, pop art references? Or is it ornate classical ornamentation? As we saw at the Super House Gallery at Design Miami, we found all of the above, plus fur storage units, heavily textured, fuzzy wall hangings and rich materials such as wool, leather and handmade tile, all woven together in a fun, vibrant collection.

Maximalism opens the door for us to express our quirks, our individuality, enjoy a bit of extravagance, and have a little fun. (Or a lot of fun, if you’re in the right spirit…)

Nature Lux, Nature Tech

For us, nature is always in style. We’re on board with the studies that show how our connection to nature has a huge impact on our health and overall wellness. Most simply, this means fresh air, carefully designed views, light from multiple sides, natural materials. These are timeless principles in design.

On the other hand, there are specific ways that designers are bringing nature into their work that change along with the times. The two big trends we’re seeing right now are:

  • Nature as luxury. Beautifully crafted woodwork is always in style. But we’re seeing other natural materials like raw stone incorporated in unique ways. This Gianluca Pacchioni table shows off both the beauty of polished stone and its rugged natural underside. Ethan Stebbins is always one of our favorites. This bed suspended on large stones feels both timeless and timely. These aluminum cabinets from Pierre de Valck show off a rough stone centered in a field of brushed metal.

Gianluca Pacchioni Table

  • Nature meets Tech. With advancements in AI, VR, 3d printing, and more, the question as to design, nature and technology come together is likely to be a predominant conversation over the next decade. We’re seeing designers pushing this intersection between nature and technology in ways that hint at the possibility of a beautiful future. These vases from Rive Roshan are 3d printed using beach sand as one example.

Out of the Woods

Out of Wood

In the same way we’re trending away from the neutral color palettes, for 2024 we’re seeing a trend away from white oak as the go-to wood of the moment. Richly toned woods like cherry, mahogany and teak are in demand, showing up in furniture, trim and architectural elements, and millwork.

the crew

Track is Back

We’ve never been super fond of recessed/can light for a variety of reasons. They punch holes in your building assemblies, which reduces efficiency, causes acoustic leaks, and risks mold issues, and you’re often creating a not-so-pleasant downlighting situation that doesn’t make anyone look or feel good.

Though practical and functional, track lighting has had a bad rap because it’s often been clunky or cheap-looking.

The new track lighting is changing this. Some of the modern LED-based magnet track systems are sleek, unobtrusive and offer a wide variety of plug-and-play heads that are easily directed to spotlight art, objects or task areas. It’s becoming a sexy, flexible solution to your architectural lighting concept.

Viabizzuno track light

Memory, Meaning, and Connection

Tying it all together for 2024 is this idea that our spaces are more than just rooms. We’re looking for a deeper meaning, places to be ourselves, express ourselves and connect with other people. We are building around our memories, for our future hopes and dreams, and, maybe most importantly, for today.

It reflects in our psyche, our wellness, and boosts the richness of our lives. It’s showing up in the design of sacred rooms, intentions toward sacred moments and collecting of sacred treasures. We’re wanting to show off objects we’ve collected on our travels because they make us feel good, remind us of people and places and are not just there to add a splash of color or texture. How we decorate and furnish our homes tells an important story about who we are. We are in this business for a reason. We know that the spaces we design with you will house important, memorable, and mundane moments.

Memory, Meaning, and Connection

Whether it’s the 80s influences or the cottage chic, people are okay with taking more risks in 2024. The sense of fun, play and overall ability to embrace the ‘home-iness’ of a home are all exciting trends.

In Conclusion

Take risks, be playful, be present. If you’re building, designing or redesigning, 2024 feels like a year of possibility, a year of valuing your health, your people and your sacred time.

If you’re looking for expert guidance to bring these trends to life in your own space, consider exploring our comprehensive Interior Design Services. Our team is dedicated to transforming your vision into reality, ensuring your home looks stunning and aligns perfectly with your style and needs.