Recently, Vera Iconica founding principal wellness architecture pioneer Veronica Shreibeis-Smith, was invited to lecture at Montana State University. Veronica takes you through her journey from starting out as a young architect and environmentalist to becoming an industry leader, designing and building her unique brand of holistically-minded architecture. She has coined the term ‘Wellism’, which describes how a space can not just contribute to planetary wellness, but can combine ancient principles and modern innovation to empower and inspire the people that experience it.

MSU has posted a video of the talk and we highly recommend tuning in. In the presentation, you will learn:

  • About the most important lessons throughout Vera Iconica’s journey in pioneering the Wellness Architecture concept.
  • About how the growth in our population has brought us to an inflection point, and why this is hopeful for our future and the future of our planet.
  • What it’s like designing simultaneously for the real world and virtual reality, and why Deepak Chopra thinks this is the future of wellness.

And be sure to watch the Q&A at the end for the thought provoking and challenging questions from the MSU students.

CLICK HERE to watch the lecture