Our values are at the core of our relationships; with you, our client, with contractors, consultants and stakeholders, with our team, with our greater community and environment. They inspire our decisions and fuel our design process.


• Design to inspire wonder and instill awe.
• Nourish the soul for a more vibrant life.
• Beauty has a depth of kindness, gratitude, grace, and professionalism.

Symbiotic Relationships

• Everything is connected and mutually benefitting: people, planet, relationships.
• Care for the thriving health and wellness of our clients, our team, and our firm. Walk the talk. • Stewardship: Leave things better than when we found it.


• Our work is in service, and it’s an art form; imbue quality, craftsmanship, and a champagne experience.

• Mastery is an infinite game; we are always challenging, learning, growing, improving, and evolving.
• Respect ancient wisdom as well as the ability to change based on new information.


• Find the true essence: What really matters and and what’s right. Stand up for it.
• Give and receive feedback with open mind and heart; embrace self-awareness and reflection. • Strive for simplicity and authenticity in design; contribute to larger context and living tradition.

Send It

• Remember our roots and wildness: No fear, have fun, make something awesome.
• Keep passion, purpose, commitment, and a sense of adventure; work toward the greater cause.

• There are no bad ideas. Try stuff. Laugh at and learn from mistakes.

Our multidimensional design principles are proven to positively impact your wellbeing.

People who spend more time in nature tend to live longer, happier lives (Source). Since we spend most of our time indoors, we build to bridge the gap between nature and our indoor reality. This is how we developed our design principles and building processes.

Our spaces improve lives.

We’re paving the way for a regenerative future where buildings and nature harmonize—and where people thrive. Let us transform your space in synchrony with nature.

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