In our approach to commercial architecture, we focus our efforts on the workspaces, gathering spaces, and public areas that connect occupants and visitors to one another and to their work or mission, creating relationships and synergy toward a greater good. Occupational wellness inspires us to prepare for work in which we will gain personal satisfaction and find enrichment in our lives, not to mention the power of a strong value statement to all visitors to a healthy, grounded office or commercial environment.

Healthy Rhythms & Holistic Work-Life Balance

Our ideal commercial architecture client shares similar values with our firm. These like-minded businesses understand that feeling at ease and supported helps one cope with everyday stressors from work and elsewhere, and find more purpose. By inserting graceful experiences into the rhythms and actions of everyday life, we are able to facilitate harmony, beauty, and peace. In so doing, we help contribute to the holistic, healthy lifestyle you desire.

Achieving R.O.W.

Creating spaces for people to do their best work requires our team to merge our wellness principles with advanced technology and a strong sense of both ROI and ROW, return on wellness, that is. Our clients know that the business of wellness is a powerful one – where two of the fastest growing markets, wellness and wellness real estate, coalesce to create momentum toward an optimistic and inspiring future.

From Environmentalism to Wellism TM

Healthy materials, air quality, and sustainability are just the beginning. We think beyond current sustainable and wellness standards to reach a level of spiritual, emotional, and mental balance and contentment. Whether considering your valued employees and daily occupants of your space or inspiring your customers and visitors, we help you envision the experiences you want to evoke and work toward bringing them forth.

Powerful Partnerships to Serve You

To support our commercial architecture clients, we partner with institutions like the Harvard School of Public Health and the Global Wellness Institute to understand the neuroscience and psychology behind how humans experience our environments. As such, our environments provide you with the tools, through design strategies influenced by scientific research, such as nudge psychology and nature connections, which help you live optimally and improve your sense of vitality.

Living Our Purpose

As pioneers of Wellness Architecture, the creation of health inducing spaces are the true embodiment of our design philosophy. Through strategies such as material selection, air purification, lighting design, and thermal control our commercial architecture brings about enriched emotional connection to place that is scientifically supported to have positive impacts on daily routines. This post-conventional attention to detail, backed by neurology and microbiology, targets areas commonly overlooked by “status quo” commercial architecture, gifting regenerative power in the process. In other words, through client-specific physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, environmental, and occupational needs, we believe Wellness Architecture has the power to encourage our clients to not only enhance their own lives, but to utilize a newfound power to positively impact their surroundings as well, resulting in the creation of a better world.