I recently cleansed my home of all chemical-based, toxic cleaners. I scoured my cleaning closet, cleared under sink compartments, and sorted through all my laundry products. As I starred at the shear size of the pile of colorful plastic bottles with the latest promotional promise, I saw the brilliant marketing efforts of big corporations staring back at me as if to say, “We got you.”

As consumers, we are quick to buy into commercials telling us we need a different surface cleaner for our bathroom than we do for our kitchen, we couldn’t possibly use the same degreaser for our stove top as for inside our oven…the costs add up quickly.

The chart below represents the types and quantities of cleaning products found in everyday households. It does NOT include detergents, soaps, glass cleaners, or furniture cleaners. We will talk about these in our future posts.

VeraWell Tip 8 DIY Cleaner

One Simple, DIY Recipe

It is oxymoronic that we “clean” our homes and workplaces with toxic chemicals.

What if we could clean with a formula so harmless it was edible, had effective anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral properties, AND was not only odor killing, but could fill our space with an invigorating, fresh scent?

VeraWell Tip 8 DIY Cleaner

Below is the recipe and cost break down for the All Purpose Surface Cleaner we use.

VeraWell Tip 8 DIY Cleaner

Don’t fall for or pay for cleaning products that pollute our world with plastic bottles, toxins, and chemicals.

Instead, take 5 minutes or less to mix up your personal brand of surface cleaner. Many essential oils are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-microbial. They fill the air with delightful scents that have healing benefits. Play with them, try different combinations from energizing peppermint to relaxing lavender.


Your local grocery store will have Distilled White Vinegar and Baking Soda.  For essential oils, try Young Living or dōTERRA online, or go to your local health food store.  They will most likely carry a few brands of essential oils.  Here in Jackson, both Lucky’s Market and Jackson Hole Grocer carry a good selection.

Talk to your cleaning service, if you have one. If they bring their own products, ask them to only use the products you provide. Keep our planet, your home, and your workplace chemical free!