Before the winter holidays, we began talking to our readers about replacing typical household cleaning products with DIY, non-toxic alternatives.  In our experience, and that of many others, they really do work!  The results are remarkable, the cost savings are huge, and the impact on your health (and that of the planet) is a good one.

So far we’ve provided recipes for a multi-surface cleaner and a glass cleaner, both of which use the exact same shopping list – water, vinegar, and your preferred essential oil(s).  Today, using those same ingredients, we are going to share an all-purpose floor cleaner.

Vera Iconica Architecture VeraWell Tip 10: DIY Floor Cleaner, Mop


Equal parts White Vinegar & Water
10 drops of your favorite essential oil (Using a combination of Pine & Lemon will give you a scent similar to Pine-Sol without the toxicity!)

Simply mix these ingredients, and mop. This floor cleaner works well on all floor types – sealed wood, tile, laminate and linoleum – and there is no need to rinse.  If you’re concerned about the vinegar smell, don’t worry — it dissipates once the floors have dried (we promise!). Plus, the vinegar acts as a mild disinfectant and leaves a nice shine.

Why Change?

Homes today are laden with toxic and polluting substances designed to make domestic life easier.  However, the cost of these chemical-based, commercial products can be high with regard to long term health concerns for your family, as well as environmental pollution produced by the manufacturing and disposal processes.

Vera Iconica Architecture VeraWell Tip 10: DIY Floor Cleaner

Resources (Same as before & super easy to do!)

Visit your local grocery store to get Distilled White Vinegar and Baking Soda. For essential oils, try Young Living or dōTERRA online, or stop by your local health food store.

If you use a cleaning service, talk to them.  If they bring their own products, ask them to only use the products you provide. Keep our planet, your home, and your workplace chemical free!